Nina Edidin

Nina EdidinNina Edidin is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Nina grew up in Chicago, and obtained two degrees from the University Of Illinois: Social Work and Urban Planning. Nina then moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended law school. After completing law school, she worked as the assistant district attorney, mostly with child support cases. As the attorney for the state office of child support, Nina drafted child support legislation for the state of Georgia. As an employee of the attorney general’s office, one of here clients was the office of child support enforcement. One of Nina’s greatest accomplishments was arguing a case in the state supreme court (and she won!).

A few years ago, Nina moved to Arizona to be with family. She worked for legal services in Yuma, Arizona. Having 16 years of experience as an attorney, Nina has done a lot of litigation, drafting, and informal mediation. Nina has helped to settle cases that shouldn’t have needed to go to trial.
Nina Ediden’s expertise practice area is family law. She has represented families in Arizona in many family law issues and cases, from domestic violence to parenting time. Ms. Ediden is admitted to practice in the federal district court of Arizona and in all Arizona state courts.
If you wish to contact Nina Ediden in order to personally discuss your family law matter, call (480) 833-8000 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced, trusted, family law attorney. Understanding toward family matters, yet dedicated to protecting your rights, Nina will provide Arizona clients with expert representation.