Jacqueline Kozlik



Ms. Kozlik is a member of the Professional Associations Arizona State Bar

Jacqueline Kozlik is an experienced Arizona family law attorney. Ms. Kozlik is dedicated to serving residents of Arizona who are in need of family law legal services such as family law, divorce, custody, juvenile law, parenting time, child support, and adoptions.

Ms. Kozlik has been practicing law for 17 years, receiving her education and degrees at the University of Arizona College of Law, and Arizona State University including a Bachelor of Science, Intercultural Communication, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and Juris Doctor (a Doctor of Law professional degree).

My AZ Lawyers is proud to have Ms. Kozlik on its team of professional attorneys, as she provides her clients with the highest standards of ethical conduct and legal representation.

Experience matters when seeking a family law attorney. Having seventeen years of experience allows Ms. Kozlik’s to use her expertise and skills to focus on families and children as an effective advocate in family law legal matters. 

The Office of the Arizona Attorney General recognized Ms. Kozlik’s skills as an attorney in 2012 with the honor and title of “Attorney of the Year.” She is a dedicate professional that is fufilling her life-long dream and passion of practicing family law in Arizona at My AZ Lawyers.

At My AZ Lawyers, Ms. Kozlik manages family law cases, successfully represents clients in representing Arizona residents in legal matters pertaining to parenting time, modification, establishment of grandparents’ rights, child support and enforcement of child support orders, and adoptions. Also, Ms. Kozlik is experienced in handling high-value actions for dissolution of marriage (divorce) that require the involvement of collateral experts.