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The Issue of Father’s Rights in Phoenix

For many years in Arizona and across America most divorces followed a very traditional pattern.  The father was ordered to pay alimony and child support, the mother had physical custody of the children and visitation rights were granted to the father.  It followed along conventional thinking that fathers worked and mothers raised children.  No longer is this the case in our society as the workforce has expanded to a more level playing field. There are more women than ever in the workforce, although jobs do still tend to favor men in terms of income this has become less and less a factor over time.

The Arizona Family Law Courts have moved towards an unbiased view of establishing the rights of a father regarding both the custody of the child and the visitation rights granted to the father of the child.  However, neither custodial rights nor visitation rights automatically granted; like anything of value, parental rights need to be fought for and established.  Establishing your rights as a father can require the legal representation of a Phoenix family law lawyer.  Working with a team such as My AZ Lawyers, an experienced Phoenix family law firm, that has the familiarity and caring that comes with years of experience can make a significant difference in obtaining the outcome you envision.  With this in mind, call our Phoenix Family Law Firm today.  We offer free consultations, have payment plans, low fee guarantees, and in most cases, same day consultations.

Key Issues in Regards to Father’s Rights in Phoenix, Arizona

Arguably the most common issues that fathers come to us for assistance are those of relocation, establishment of paternity and child custody rights.  Father’s also seek out My AZ Lawyers with questions about child support, spousal support, and financial arrangements.  These questions are common and can be difficult to resolve without the backing of a skilled Phoenix Father’s Rights lawyer.

Paternity can be a key to establishing your rights as a father.  In most divorce circumstances it is very common to have to fight this battle in relationships outside of marriage.  Without an establishment and recognition of your status as the child’s father you will have few if any rights to parenting.  Therefore, there are legal steps and procedures to complete.  The foundation exists for creating your parenting rights once you complete these legal steps and procedures.

father's rightsRelocation is a trying issue and can severely test the custody and visitation agreements.  It is difficult to choose between career and having the income to support the child’s needs.  It is also unfortunately all too common not to remain geographically close.  In a tough Arizona economy one does not always have the luxury to turn down a more distant job.  Yet existing child custody and visitation agreements can create real problems in maintaining your role as a father.  Modifying these custody orders requires legal steps to be taken.

Whether you need to establish your paternity or modify the custody order you do have rights that our Phoenix Family Law Firm will fight for.  Take the first step and contact an experienced Phoenix Father’s Rights Lawyer today.




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