What happens if you start to second-guess the court orders established after a divorce?  After a divorce or separation, your family, personal, professional, and financial life was probably affected in one way or the other.  It is important that you are confident in your decisions and how your issues were resolved by the court.

modificationsIf you feel that the decisions made in the resolution of divorce or separation aren’t really serving your family’s needs, you can still make changes to those legal decisions and agreements. Contact our experienced Arizona family law and modifications attorneys to learn how to make these modifications.


It is your right to change your mind and request a change to a legal decision, but you cannot do so on an impulse.  With the help of your lawyer, you will need to present an argument seen valid by the court and backed by evidence and/or records.  Our legal experts will help you to make all the necessary preparations to show entitlement to your requested modifications.  Additionally, some modifications to child support are a result of a significant life change.  For example, relocation, disability (physical or mental), illness, unexpected job loss, alteration to health insurance, increase or decrease in income.

Maybe you see the court orders as significantly uneven.  If you can’t afford to pay the amount of support agreed upon, a modification could allow you to lower the payment.  An attorney who is expert in modifications can help you find the balance and modification then back it up with legal service.


Changes post-divorce court orders in your life might require you to get the assistance of a child custody modification attorney.  Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can alter a situation.  As such, the plan of primary custody or parenting time scheduling may also need to alter.

Take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATION with an attorney.  You should understand your rights, and you should understand your options regarding legal joint and sole decision making.


Are you ready to get some help making a modification to child custody or child support agreements?  Do not wait to learn about your legal options and rights.  Our focus is on family and the needs of our clients.  Also, we dedicate ourselves to the best interests of our clients.