Same Sex Divorce


Same-sex couples who legally get married in Arizona have the same rights and commitments as  heterosexual couples, including the ability to get divorced.  Same-sex divorces, however, may have unique issues that need to be resolved.

same-sex-lgbt-divorce-attorney-long-island-ny-300x200It is important that you seek the assistance of an attorney who is capable of navigating the same-sex divorce legal process, and who will give you the expert representation concerning any issues on your particular situation.

Divorce (and marriage) of same-sex couples is somewhat new legal terrain in Arizona. Our team will help you to understand the law and give you options.  There may be concerns with property division, spousal support (alimony), or child custody, parenting time, and child support.

To get a divorce in Arizona, a couple must have resided the state for at least 90 days. Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, so the reasons for getting a divorce are irrelevant. Proving fault for the dissolution of the marriage is not required. Also, Arizona is a community property state.  That means that for any issues regarding division of property, all assets and liabilities that were acquired during the marriage are considered community property. Community property is valued and split between the two spouses equally.

If children were brought to the marriage, there could be some complicated issues regarding visitation, custody, or support.

Our Arizona Divorce attorneys know the Arizona Same-Sex Divorce Law.  Let us help you resolve your family law issues you may be dealing with because of a divorce.

Get a clear understanding of your situation. Our family law attorneys are compassionate, yet aggressive if need be in the divorce legal process. Our firm has experience representing couples with same-sex legal issues.