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Sometimes a divorce is complicated and difficult.  For this reason, our Mesa divorce lawyers want to help you have the best possible experience if you are getting a divorce.  Call us for a free consultation.

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Alison Briggs, Mesa’s best divorce attorney.

Arizona is a no fault divorce state.  Meaning, it doesn’t matter if someone has been cheating or misbehaving.  In other words, Arizona grants no-fault divorces.  When a couple files a petition to dissolve the marriage, the issue of why they are filing for divorce in Mesa is not relevant.

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When you need the best divorce attorney in Mesa, Arizona, call Alison Briggs. Because divorce cases can be complicated by many legal issues, Ms. Briggs uses her experience and expertise in Arizona family law to successfully represent clients in Mesa. Call to schedule a free consultation with Alison Briggs about your specific legal situation.

Behaviors like drug abuse, alcoholism, adultery, and violence play a huge role in determining custody of any minor children and as factors in requests for child support, the state of Arizona doesn’t assign blame when dissolving a marriage.  This helps keep both partners on equal footing throughout the process despite their previous transgressions.

Mesa Divorce Lawyers office

Mesa Divorce Lawyers office

Why choose our firm to represent your divorce?  The process and the outcome of a divorce can have a lasting effect on your financial, personal, family, and professional future.  To achieve the best possible outcome for your divorce case, you need a lawyer who is experienced in representing clients in Mesa and who knows how to legally navigate through the divorce process.

Our attorneys are family law needs that coincide with divorce such as

Mesa Divorce Lawyers Office

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