Our Family Law legal team understands the importance of getting a successful outcome in a divorce case.  Spousal maintenance can have a profound impact on your life and future post-divorce.  Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients seeking alimony.  Our firm will fight for your rights and provide expert representation and assistance throughout the process.

Spousal-Maintenance-for-Dissolution-in-IndianaSpousal maintenance is money paid to a (former) spouse for the purpose of helping them to meet their reasonable economic needs after a divorce.  In Arizona, when a couple divorces, the court has to use its discretion in order to decide whether to award the spousal maintenance, as well as how much to award and for how long.

Spousal maintenance could be a extreme issue that causes conflict when a couple seeks a divorce.  Let our experienced Arizona Spousal Maintenance attorneys advocate on your behalf in your divorce, and regarding spousal maintenance.  Our attorneys will fight for your rights and represent you through negotiation, litigation, or mediation.

When a client seeks alimony, the court determines how much and for how long the client will receive it.  Factors come into play when the court considers the longevity and amount of support.  There is no “magic formula” in calculating an exact amount or duration of the support, therefore having the representation of an experienced Arizona alimony attorney is crucial.  Our attorneys will identify the criteria and asses your personal situation in order to help you achieve your desired outcome.  Factors considered by the court to determine support:

  • education
  • earning capacity
  • ability and need to pay
  • accustomed standard of living
  • length of marriage
  • age, disabilities, health
  • income disparity

To better understand the different types of spousal support and to determine which one is most appropriate for your particular situation, contact one of our knowledgeable Family Law Attorneys.  You may not have considered all the implications associated with spousal maintenance and how it affects your life or your family.  Our attorneys will give you options, direction, and information regarding spousal support:

  • Temporary maintenance (spousal support during pending divorce)
  • Lifetime maintenance (alimony that remains constant and permanent until recipient’s death or remarriage)
  • Rehabilitative maintenance (short-term support to allow one spouse to rebuild a career or to further his/her education)
  • Reinstitutional maintenance (support as payback, as when a spouse supported the other)