Prenuptial Agreement


Prenups in Arizona

Deciding if a prenuptial agreement is right for your proposed marraige means understanding the advantages for both parties.  A prenup can provide a plan for the future and legally arrange matters that are beneficial to both spouses.

prenuptial-agreement-jodat-lawPrenups aren’t exclusive to wealthy couples, either.  Anyone entering into marriage with children, a former spouse, or substantial assets may want to consider consulting an attorney. In the case of second marriages, often times a couple wants to manage inheritances and assets for their blood related family in the event of a death or divorce.

Prenuptial agreements are very common amongst all ages and classes of Americans, as they can provide important advantages for both partners in a proposed marriage. Many people have an instinctively negative reaction when they hear the term “prenuptial agreement.”  However, this is not reality.  In fact, prenups are often used to plan for future affairs and arrange things legally in ways that are mutually beneficial to both spouses.

Contact our Arizona Prenuptial Attorneys if you need a prenup, or if you need more information and legal advice.  If you are considering entering into a prenuptial agreement, our attorneys will make sure that your rights are protected.  We will listen to your specific needs and determine the best plan for your future.

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The prenuptial agreement process should begin six months to one year before the wedding date.  This gives both parties enough time to review the contract.

A prenup is a legal and binding agreement between two spouses prior to marriage.  An attorney can be the voice of a trusted advisor.  Sometimes the idea of a wedding, love and emotions can alter reality.

An attorney will also make sure that your agreement is legal and realistic. The contract must reflect what each person will get if the marriage fails.  Each spouse needs a clear understanding of their goals and what is in the final agreement.

Our prenuptial lawyers will also know the Arizona property laws and Arizona’s laws regarding property and marriage.  Our firm will assist you in the entire process from beginning to end and work with your best interests in mind.  You can concentrate on the wedding plans.