Debt Division


In a divorce in Arizona, they assess the value of assets and split in property division.  In fact, assets and property are not the only thing you will have to divide.  You will also need to divide any debt accumulated in the marriage.

Dealing with divorce is already difficult and painful.  Adding debt division to the process makes it that much more challenging.  We can help.

Debt Divison

Don’t lose all your assets in a divorce.

If you have debt acquired during your marriage, the debt must be divided.  Contact our experienced divorce and debt division attorneys.  You need legal representation to make sure your rights are being protected, and that the debt is split fairly.

Debt Division in Arizona

Arizona is a community property state.  All assets and debts that were acquired during a marriage will be divided in a divorce.  It gets a bit tricky and touchy when dealing with community debt, as most of the time neither spouse wants to be responsible for the debt.  An attorney experienced in debt division and Arizona Divorce Law can ensure that the debt be distributed fairly and properly.

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in Arizona facing divorce and legal issues relating to Divorce.  We listen to your needs and proceed with your best interests in mind.  Our team will be there to assist you throughout the entire process.  We can help.

When a marriage fails, and a spouse is left with divorce and debt, it can have a serious impact on the future, relationships, personal life, and family life.  If the official divorce decree assigns you to debt as part of the legal divisions, you may have to face debt creditors.  Choosing an attorney who knows the Arizona Debt Division law will assure that you have the best legal representation.

Our firm understands the need for a trusted, knowledgable, competent attorney in legal situations such as these.  We can help.