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How can I get custody of my child?

Child custody is an issue that must be discussed within a divorce involving minor children.  During the negotiation and/or mediation part of your divorce our trusted Phoenix family law attorney can help you make the right decision regarding child custody and will diligently work to to establish a parenting plan that works for you.  Our trusted Child Custody Lawyers in Phoenix realize the importance of the custody of your children.

child custodyIn a divorce that includes children, child custody is often the most contested issue.  You need to assess each decision carefully to make sure that it represents the best interest of the child.  That is one of the main things that our affordable family law attorneys do, the best interest of the child in a custody case are paramount.  Courts in Arizona do not discriminate based on the parents’ gender, and each party is given an equal opportunity.  Arizona family law Judges favor joint custody in most situations so that the child has continuous contact with both parents.

When negotiation is not possible in your case, the family court will make a custodial arrangement.  Arizona Family Law Courts base child custody decisions on the best interest of the child or children involved.  Different types of criteria are used to determine this element of your case, such as the child’s wishes, the parents’ wishes, and each parent’s relationship with the children.  Along with child custody, the issues of child visitation and child support can become apparent causing further discussion and resolution.

Types of Child Custody in Phoenix

In Arizona, there are basically two classifications of child custody that exist. Physical Custody refers to the parents’ right and responsibility to care for the child on a daily basis.  The parent with physical custody must care for the child’s basic needs and make everyday decisions for the child.  The 2nd type of child custody in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona is Legal custody; refers to the parents’ right and responsibility to make large decisions regarding the child’s upbringing.  The parent with legal custody will have to make decisions regarding school, religion, and medical care.

In the state of Arizona, judges prefer to award joint physical and legal custody to both parents.  This allows parents frequent and regular contact with their child.  Sole custody means that one parent is given complete responsibility and rights to the child’s upbringing and the other parent may be granted visitation rights.  As you see, there is truly a need for an experienced family law and child custody lawyer when you are dealing with custody issues in Phoenix.

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Child custody cases in Phoenix and throughout Arizona are often extremely emotional affairs.  You need to handle custody of children situations with a level head and in a professional manner.  The help of a trusted and affordable Phoenix Child Custody Attorney from My AZ Lawyers can offer sensitive and valuable support.  In our years of experience, our custody lawyers have seen everything and know how to handle the delicate proceedings of a custody case.

As you seek rights to child custody and child support, it would be in your best interest to have an aggressive legal guide by your side.  Our custody attorneys will attempt to negotiate a settlement to start, we will do this without  compromising your legal rights.  When negotiation is not possible, we can take your case to court to get the results you desire.  Our primary goal is to protect the best interests of the child involved.  Our attorneys will be forthright and honest with you as our representation is something that you can trust during each phase of your child custody, divorce, and family law issue.

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