Despite the family law issues of divorce, child custody, and parenting time, as a grandparent in Arizona, you have rights.  You have a right to visit, care for, and even protect your grandchildren.  In the event of a divorce, death, or separation, you may face some difficult challenges.

grandparents rightsSeek the counsel of an experienced Arizona grandparents’ rights attorney in order to protect your rights.  Grandchildren are your legacy.  They bring joy to your life and family, and you want to be involved in their lives.  It is also important that a grandparent be a part of their grandchildren’s lives (and vice versa!)

If a child would be in danger by remaining with a parent due to drugs, abuse, or alcohol use, a grandparent may be a suitable guardian and obtain custody.  It is very important that you work with a lawyer dedicated to Arizona Family Law.  You should at least ask questions and understand your rights as a grandparent.  Our law firm can help you establish visitation, and give you information about the specific rules and regulations that Arizona Law has in place to help grandparents seeking visitation.


We understand the importance of family, especially as the role of grandparent.  As you watch your family grow, you want what is best for your family.  Contact the best Arizona Family Law attorney to get the best, affordable representation for your specific family needs.

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