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Separately, filing for divorce and declaring bankruptcy are emotional and overwhelming issues.  But together, they can leave a couple or an individual in the dark, not knowing what to do.  With the help of an experienced divorce and bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix, the options available can be clarified and you can obtain enough information to make an educated decision about your situation.

Bankruptcy can complicate divorce; divorce can complicate bankruptcy.  An experienced bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can explain your options and fully handle your bankruptcy during and after your divorce.  At My AZ Lawyers, we have expert bankruptcy lawyers who can help you determine the best time to file for divorce versus the best bankruptcy and debt relief options.  Our Arizona family law firm also has trusted divorce and family law attorneys who can assist you with your divorce or dissolution.

The following video explains how to protect your assets during a bankruptcy:

Family Law cases are difficult, and can be complex. Whether you seek to file for divorce or child custody orders, or are interested in child support or alimony, our office will guide you through your matter and provide you with a thorough analysis of your case and a clear explanation of your legal rights.

It is important to have an effective attorney who will be on your side to protect your interests and understand your goals.
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Family Law:

Child Custody & Visitation
• Grandparent Visitation
Child Support
• Spousal Support/Alimony
• Paternity
• Property Division (Assets & Debts)
• Modification of Prior Orders
• Enforcement of Orders
• Legal Separation
• Domestic Violence – Restraining Orders
• Domestic Partnerships
• Mediation


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
• Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
• Debt Relief and Divorce & Bankruptcy

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