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Contact our Chandler Family Attorneys if you are facing divorce or family law issues in Chandler, Arizona.  In order to resolve your family law issues, an experienced Chandler, Arizona Divorce and Family Law attorney can help you navigate the Arizona Family Court and help you reach the best outcome in your family law case.

Our Chandler family attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable about the Chandler, AZ family law and processes.  Also, our Chandler family law firm can better assist you.  Plus, our experience will be a great asset in your Chandler family law case and legal matter.  When it comes to dealing with issues concerning family, there are many important and sometimes difficult decisions to be made and many things you need to consider.  Working in conjunction with our Chandler Family Attorneys as a team we will work to get the best interest of you and your family.

Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona

Chandler residents may get assistance from one of our Chandler Family Attorneys via a phone consultation, or by appointment in our office.  So call our Chandler, AZ Law Firm for a FREE CONSULTATION.  Usually same day appointments are available.  We also offer unbeatable pricing as well as flexible scheduling to meet your needs.


Contact our Chandler Family Law Firm if you are seeking legal assistance with:

  • Divorce in Chandler
  • Child custody/parenting time
  • Alimony/ Spousal Support
  • Property Division in Chandler
  • Chandler Parental Rights

Chandler Divorce Lawyers

Our Chandler divorce lawyers can help you.  Whether your case is brand new or has been lingering in the Arizona legal system, we can help bring you solutions.  Filing for divorce in Chandler, Arizona can change the family dynamic in such ways that cause a new definition of how your parenting role will be and how the relationship with your spouse will be in the future.  Divorce creates changes.


Chandler, Arizona

A divorce, whether contested or uncontested, may involve child custody, child support, visitation, alimony, and property settlements.  If you are facing a divorce in Chandler, Maricopa County, Arizona, our Chandler Family Law Firm are here for you.  Our Chandler Family Attorneys understand the impact that your life will experience during and after filing for divorce in Chandler.

No matter how agreeable or simple a divorce can seem, chances are that the divorce will eventually become heated.  Once personal feelings come into play, all bets are off.  Even the most basic of divorce and permanent separation where child custody, visitation, and child support may be at issue can become stressful and messy.

Throughout Your Divorce

Our Chandler Family Attorneys work with our clients at all stages of the divorce or family law issues that arise through the divorce.  Therefore, our dedicated family law lawyers and staff assist clients and provide stability in their time of need.  We also work with you to achieve the possible outcome.

Our Chandler Divorce attorneys work with our clients at all levels of their current situation.  Filing for divorce in Arizona will make you feel at times a sense of uncertainty.  At our Chandler Divorce Firm we strive to remove uncertainty to every extent possible so that our divorce clients know what to expect when going to court.  Our Chandler Family Law firm understands that communication is an important “key” to getting our clients positive solutions that work.

Our Chandler Family Attorneys prepare our clients for every court appearance and deposition.  We also work diligently to make sure each client understands what the next step in their case is going to be at every turn.  Thus, we are always ready for litigation and represent clients in court on a regular basis.  Sometimes we aren’t able to reach an amicable solution to our client’s family law needs.  However, our Chandler divorce lawyers use every opportunity to explore settlement of each case to bring swift resolution for our clients.

Divorce is a big change that will effect many people.  We also understand that divorce will change each client’s life and we work hard at making that change as positive as possible.  In addition, we offer free consultations.  With this in mind, call us today (480) 833-8000 to discuss your specific family law issues.  We also have after-hours and weekend appointments available upon request.


About CHANDLER, ARIZONA community:

Chandler, AZ, is one of the fastest growing cities in the US.  Chandler is a suburb of Phoenix, AZ located in Maricopa county, population 240,100 (2012). The city is known for its fabulous restaurants, shopping, vacation destinations and beautiful resorts, golf courses, and recreational and fun activities.  Residents in Chandler experience beautiful weather with more than 330 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 85 degrees. Chandler, Arizona has a high tech employment base, and is a community built on innovation:  it has satellite locations for technology companies such as Intel and Orbital Sciences Corporation.

Chandler, Arizona is noted for:

An annual Ostrich Festival
The Chandler Center for the Arts
The Arizona Railway Museum at Tumbleweed Park.
Future site of a Holocaust and Tolerance Museum (planned for construction in Chandler)
Numerous properties in the town of Chandler which are considered to be historical
2013 Playful City USA community (2013)
Many recreational amenities, parks, and aquatic centers, and museums
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