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Contact our child custody lawyers when facing custody issues in Arizona.  The custody of one’s child is an emotional subject.  It is usually the main point of contention during divorces in Arizona. Furthermore, parents who were never married to each other often find themselves in a custody battle with their child (or children)’s other parent. Our experienced Arizona legal team in has the dedication you need to represent you in a contested custody dispute.

The dedicated child custody lawyers and staff from our office have decades of experience with Arizona family law and child custody cases. Our Arizona family law firm has represented parents and guardians in child custody disputes and helped them achieve results that are in the best interest of the children.

How Are Child Custody Orders Determined in Phoenix Arizona?

Contested and Non-contested Child Custody

Under Arizona law, the child’s parents may be able to make most of the custody decisions themselves if they are able to work together to come up with a solution.  When this happens, an Arizona family court judge is typically free to take the parents’ choices into consideration.  If the decisions sound reasonable, the judge may even enter orders that conform to those choices.  This usually happens in uncontested Arizona child custody cases.

Contested child custody cases get more complex and should involve a child custody lawyer.   A contested child custody case means the parents do not agree about custody arrangements.  Therefore, the legal process for determining custody will be used.  Contested cases usually take more time.  In such situations, the court determines which parent should have primary custody of the child. Furthermore, the judge often enters a corresponding child support order.  If you find yourself facing a child custody issue, contact our Arizona child custody lawyers for a free consultation.

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