Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce in Arizona

A Collaborative Divorce means a couple works together with trained professionals to settle disputes in a respectable manner, without going to court. It is typically a non-traditional manner of legally handling a divorce in Arizona. Why do you need an exceptional attorney if you want legal representation for a collaborative divorce in Arizona? Each spouse needs the protection, guidance, and support of an attorney experienced in collaborative divorce. Instead of going to battle against each other, the spouses agree to work together to come up with an outcome that will be agreeable to both persons.

Why choose collaborative divorce over a “traditional” divorce?

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 8.06.20 AMA collaborate divorce is a more civilized alternative that is an efficient way of splitting, if done properly.  When thereare children involved, emotional damage done by fighting parents could be avoided. If each party has a commitment to resolving their issues, the collaborative process may begin.

The Collaborative Divorce Process in Arizona

Depending on the circumstances of the divorce, not only will a collaborative Arizona Divorce lawyer be involved, but it may be appropriate for other professionals to be a part of the process.  Child, financial, or business specialists, or even divorce coaches can be involved.  The couple seeing the collaborative divorce has the option of starting a divorce with professionals they feel comfortable with. The benefit here is that throughout the collaboration you have the support of professionals whom you have chosen.

Traditional Divorce vs. Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, spouses along with an attorney and chosen collaborative professionals negotiate an acceptable settlement without using a court to decide on an issue for them. Also, collaborative divorce allows for the couple to engage in information sharing and open communication.  By design, collaborative divorce will create a solution that is shared by both spouses.  The solution / resolution to the divorce is agreed upon by both parties and has taken into account the priorities of both spouses.

Often, a collaborative divorce can be less expensive than a traditional divorce, both spouses do not have to go to court to find a resolution to the legal proceeding.  The spouses have control over the process, not the court.  An agreement is made through a problem-solving approach (as opposed to a bitter fight with ugly words or actions).

Is a Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

Divorce is personal.  Going through a divorce can be life-changing. Not one approach is right for everyone facing a split.  Many things need to be taken into consideration when choosing a collaborative divorce.  For many clients we see, collaborative divorce is the alternative they need for many reasons:

  • The needs of children are a high priority
  • An atmosphere of respect in the presence of professionals is desired
  • Consideration is given by both spouses – you want to work together to come up with a resolution
  • Behaviors such as treating a soon to be ex in a respectful manner are important to you
  • You want your needs to be heard objectively by your spouse, and are willing to do the same.
  • Being in control over your family and divorce issues  so that you make decisions, not a court