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Arizona has laws that define domestic violence, and dictates what penalties apply in each case.  It is important to contact a criminal defense attorney knowledgeable about Arizona Domestic Violence law so that you understand how Arizona legally views these crimes.  If you are victim of domestic violence, or if you are accuse of, seek the legal representation of an attorney who can protect your rights.

Arizona Domestic Violence Law

Domestic violence is a serious offense, and is not uncommon in Arizona. According to Arizona state law, a dangerous act committed against another person is considered domestic violence when

  • The victim is a child residing in the same household as the accused.
  • An accused and the victim are married
  • The accused and the victim have a child with each other
  • The accused or the victim is pregnant (with the other’s child)
  • An accused and the victim are related (blood related or by court order)
  • The accused and the victim have or ever had a sexual or romantic relationship

Arizona Domestic Violence Penalties

A Domestic Violence conviction in Arizona is serious, and can be very damaging.  A charge of Domestic Violence crimes can result in a misdemeanor or as a felony.  Consequences due to a conviction could severely effect your family, personal, professional, and financial life.  The minimum mandatory penalty in Arizona is a six-month program of counseling.  If you are a professional, you may have a problem with maintaining security clearance, fingerprint clearance card, or you could lose your right to carry a weapon.  A charge of Domestic Violence might force you to report the issue to your employer or your listening agency.

Our experienced Criminal Defense attorneys have experience successfully representing clients in Arizona who need legal representation regarding a domestic violence charge.  In cases that our firm represents such as these, you not only need a team that knows the law and the legal system, but you need an aggressive advocate to protect your rights.

Order of Protection in Domestic Violence Cases

Often a victim in a domestic violence case will obtain an order of protection against the accused.  Basically, the accused cannot have direct or indirect contact with the protected victim.  It also means that you have a right to a hearing.

If you are facing an order of protection, contact our firm.  This is when you need a professional to step in.  A hearing on an Order of Protection must be done correctly and carefully.  This is a hearing that you don’t want to lose. Consider the timing of the hearing, witnesses, and evidence that must be available for the trial.

If you are a victim of Domestic Abuse, call 911.  Call an attorney to protect your rights.

If you are charged with domestic violence, be careful of your statements and actions that may be used against you.  You may identify yourself, then immediately request an attorney.

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